Firedance Productions was founded by Ryan Rust in early 2015. Ryan has been a Volunteer Firefighter for over 10 years in the community of Scott Township. With his advanced knowledge of filmmaking and firefighting he began working with Volunteer Fire Departments on creating high-end cinematic recruitment films. Firedance Productions uses the best quality cameras and tools to achieve a cinematic experience for the community. 

Our Vision


Our vision is simple. It is creating unique cinematic recruitment films for any Emergency Service. We understand the importance of attracting new members and with our own experience as firefighters it truly hits home. We offer the most affordable packages within Western Pennsylvania so you too can have a piece of something like no other.


Whether you are looking to attract new volunteers for you Fire Department or wanting to promote your Police Department, we have you covered. With our combined experience we aim to create the most action-packed, cinematic, and effective film for you to gain new volunteers and reach out to the community. We make it our mission to make sure your Fire or Police Department is professionally viewed by audiences.

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Behind The Scenes

Take an inside look at one of our most recent shoots with Station 266.


South Fayette Fire Department Recruitment Films

SLOVAN VOLUNTEER Fire Department Recruitment Films


Working with Firedance Productions was a very smooth experience for our fire departments recruitment video. The Director being a firefighter and knowledgable about the volunteer fire service was a huge benefit in making our video a success. Firedance exceeded our expectations with the quality and cinematic editing that they did for us. Overall Firedance was a huge help in making our fire departments recruitment campaign what it is today!
— Captain Ted Wolford "South Fayette Fire Dept"


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